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Sexy pictures, video and photos in the erotic gallery is strictly for over 18s

We have a huge erotic gallery on the site to which our members constantly contribute nude erotic photos and sexy video. Each site members can make his or her own video clip using our video recording system for FREE. All they need is a web camera and a set of headphones with a microphone in case they want to record sounds. Our system allows recording 1 minute instant video clips. However if you have a homemade erotic video longer that 1 minute on your PC you are welcome to upload it!
There is a special adult gallery section where the latest nude photos uploaded by our members are displayed. Itís a great place to meet up with sexy newbies.

Some members have up to 40 and 50 video and photo files in their erotic media collections. There are swingers erotic video, lesbians, gays, sexy girls and boys video and photos, dogging video, couples and singles homemade video, transvestites video etc. Our search system will help you find any kind of adult video. Erotic video attached to a profile is a very effective way to highly increase your profileís popularity. Some members are looking for sexy people on the site to make their own adult video! This is one of such ads:

"I am a professional TV cameraman. I have got together with a director, writer and web designer and we are thinking about making our first adult video!

I am basically trying to find out if anyone is interested in being in a video. As we are just starting out, we cannot offer wages, but will be able to help with expenses. Hopefully we will make some money from it and can then give you a profit share to start with.

If you are interested then please phone me or email me and tell me about you and what you like to do. i.e. are you a single or a couple? how old are you? vital statistics? are you interested in solo, girl/girl or boy girl? soft or hard? and if there is anything specific you will or won't do like anal or bukkake."

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Even if erotic pictures are not obligatory on adult dating sites they are still necessary for those willing to engage in adult encounters with other members. Profiles with pictures attached gain 10 times more interest than profiles without photos. These should not necessarily be nude pictures or pictures with explicit erotic content. Though if you do to post them your chances to meet up with many sexy personals will increase. There is a tendency that regardless how many erotic pictures you have attached to your profile and how good they are people still ask for facial photos before making a final decision to meet offline. Most individuals or couples state clearly in their profiles that messages without a facial picture wonít be answered.

"All replies must include a photo including a face pic, otherwise I canít take your seriously !!" says 31 years old Melissa from London in her profile.

Swinger couples are also very demanding as far as pictures are concerned. This is what a swinging couple from Manchester expects from other couples:

"Please if replying send a photo of BOTH of you not bothered dressed or undressed but must include your faces (we will not reply if no photo or you do not read this add properly ) getting fed up with timewasters & people who say they will & then bottle it our photos with reply".

If you do not feel comfortable posting your face so everyone can see it, you may send your photo privately at a personís request. Though facial pics are very important, our members like to post and view erotic pictures without face as well. There are nude pictures, pictures with sexy lingerie on, horny pictures with couple touching each other or having sex. These kinds of erotic photos can attract much interest to your profile at the first stage while your facial photo may be required when you get closer with certain members.


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